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How to Draw Hair for a Fashion Sketch

Learn how to draw hair for a fashion sketch from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


So one great way to finish out a sketch is to draw the hair. It's very important, because you want to just make this look really finished. So first you want to like get the shape of the head really good. You think about what sort of style you want to go with. I'm always drawing Brigitte Bardot hair, something about her just turns me on. I kind of just start at the top, start at the hairline, you kind of create a hairline like this. And then you start thinking about the shape and the wave, and she always had just like lots of wave in her hair, little peaks and points and whatnots.

Keep creating the hairline. Think about how much volume you want. Of course I'm going really volumes with this hair. She's going to a red carpet event in this gown. You add your peaks and curls, just so many different ways to draw hair, but you just kind of go with what feels right, and what sort of hairstyles work with the look that you're going with, whether it's a pixie cut, or whether it's big, red carpet hair. I'm going with big, red carpet hair today, why not, this is a red carpet dress, let the hair match the dress. And there you go, that's pretty much how you draw hair.

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