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How to Draw Hands for a Fashion Sketch

Learn how to draw hands for a fashion sketch from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


One thing that you sometimes will have to do is draw hands. I particularly do not like to draw hands. I really don't feel like it's an integral part of the garment, it has nothing to do with the clothing, why do I need to draw hands.

Half the time I hide them behind the body like this, that helps out a lot. But if you do have to draw hands, let's do it. So say I'm drawing the figure, and she is going to have her arm up in the air like this, just kind of follow that line, give her a neck, give her some shoulders, I'm only going to draw one of them for you, because I'm not that great at it, it's not my favorite thing in the world. I'll just get her torso done, and basically you could just kind of just like go with the gesture of a hand, something like this, or whatever. With enough practice you can get really good at it, but I always hide them behind the body, because I don't feel like drawing I'm drawing hands.

So you get your thumb like this, you clean up your arm a little bit with your eraser, I just kind of just smooth out some lines, and then you can get like some separation in the fingertips. This is where I always screw up. It's a little bit like a fin, but later on you can go in with a pen, clean it up, perfect it, that's why we do it in pencil first. And that's basically how you draw hands.

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