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How to Retrace a Fashion Sketch

Learn how to retrace a fashion sketch from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


Sometimes something you'll have to do a lot as a fashion is to retrace your sketches, so you can add a different texture or color to it without having to redo the entire sketch from scratch. And I like to use marker paper, because then that can be your final sketch. It's kind of see through but it's not too flimsy as tracing paper would be.

So first step is, of course, put the paper over your sketch. And this dress was a lace dress, but I need to re-render it without the lace. Using my maker paper because it's great, see-through, and sturdy, all at the same time. Give her both necklines, give her sleeves, do your hemline, create your folds, but you're basically tracing right through it, it's wonderful. Give her a head, guess she deserves a head. I'm going to give her a high hairdo, why not. Get some legs, give her some heels, because it's a different dress. And now, you've just retraced your fashion sketch, and now you can create this in any color, and it's really handy that way. So that's how you retrace a fashion sketch.

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