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How to Shade Texture on a Fashion Sketch

Learn about shading texture on fashion sketches from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


Next we're going to shade and texture our fashion illustration. So here is my illustration, I am going to start out on all of my folds, and on the outline. You can be a little heavy-handed with this, because you're going to end up smudging this with your smudge stick later, which everybody have. And anything that's kind of in the background, you kind of want to put some shadow on.

And after this point, you want to just kind of smooth over the entire garment, go little heavy over here at that waist, you always want to shade the waist nicely, every girl wants a nice smaller waist, and then you want to just keep going, and just kind of just keep smoothing out. Don't worry if your lines are looking a little raggedy because you're going to smooth all that out with your smudge stick. Just kind of have fun with it, just let your hand go. Don't forget to reinterpret. I'm basically sketching a crepe back satin, which is just kind of like a flowy satin, so I can just do a very smooth texture on this. Now I simply just take my smudge stick, give it lots of pressure, and you just keep going and going, until you feel like you created a smooth effect.

Then your final step is don't be afraid, because you got to create this texture to kind of go in with your pen, and just darkened just a few areas, work in your hemline, and your silhouette, because that's very important. And if you lose a little bit, if you go a little bit outside your line, if you're lucky, you work from the outside to the inside to get rid of that overshadow. And that's basically how you create shadow and texture on fabric.

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