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How to Fine-Tune a Fashion Design

Learn about fine-tuning a fashion design from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


Now, we're going to fine-tune a fashion design. And, I often do this after my client has left me. Just because I have to quickly get on the page, get the point across. I'll fine tune it, scan it and send it to them. And, it makes them feel really happy.

So, basically, you want to start with, like, doing the hair. Creating just, like, beautiful hair. So, a lot of it is, just like inking in and solidifying your lines.

Going through and like making sure that your bead work is making sense to what the final result is going to be. That's the whole mission of this process. Is to really get the point across of like what the final result is going to be.

You also do some coloring at this point. You add more texture. She's going to have a tulle veil. So, I'm going to add some vertical texture here. Holes, et cetera.

Her gloves are not colored. So, I'm going to go in with my marker and just, kind of, just give it just a little bit of shadow. I'll go in with my blender marker, which is a great thing. And just kind of blend that color in.

You also want to do things like, if it's a corset gown, she's going to have cleavage. You want to add in your cleavage.

You definitely want to put in a face. It's not always necessary, but for this particular bridal sketch, you want to personalize it a little bit more.

So, a good trick with drawing faces, and I might not get it right the first time, because, you know, that's the way it goes. That's why you do it in pencil first.

You divide the face in half, and that's your eye line. You have one eye between the two eyes. That's how you get your spacing. So, I just can visualize it because I've been doing this for awhile. Oh, that eye's weird looking. But, you can always fix it later. That's why we're using pencil.

And, you can see there's an eye between those two eyes. It looks kind of insane right now, but you'll see when I'm done.

The nose can just be like simply, just like a little bit of an inkling of a nose. G**, what am I doing to her face? Whatever. I'll fix it later.

And then we want to go in with just, like, a simple lip. Which I'm making big lips. She does not look like a happy bride yet. So, I've got to fix this.

Here we go. I'm going to keep working on this. There we go. Less is more on these faces because you don't want her to look mean or unhappy. And I should definitely upturn her lips up a little bit so she's smiling. She's happy she's getting married.

Then you want to go in with your ink and just solidify the shapes of the eyes. Her nose. Her smiling lips. Let it dry for a second before you erase the messy pencil face that I did underneath that.

Oh, no. It did smudge. That's what we have whiteout for. Okay.

We're going to give her some pupils. She definitely needs brows. And brows are just simple little... She's looking a little better. Hairline needs some work. Give her a dot of whiteout under that lip that I smudged.

And, whatever. Nobody's perfect so just keep going. You can always just, like, hone your sketch over and over and over again.

And then scan it and then send it to your happy bride. And she'll be really happy about it. She'll have a momento of that occasion.

And that's basically how you fine-tune a fashion illustration.

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