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What Is a Fashion Croquis?

Discover what a fashion croquis is from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


So now I'm going to tell you about what a fashion croquis is. A fashion croquis is basically a tool that we all use; this is what it looks like. So about every fashion designer uses a fashion croquis. It just is a simpler way for us to be able to design over a body and not have to redraw a body every time that we need to draw a dress. It makes you be able to pump out as many designs as you can in less time, because you don't have to sit there and draw legs and arms and everything every time. What we do, is we do elongate the form, and the reason why we do that, is so that we have more room to render the details of the garments that are going over them. And that's pretty much what a fashion croquis is.

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