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How to Add Details to a Fashion Croquis

Learn about adding details to a fashion croquis from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


Sometimes what you might want to do is add detail to a fashion croquis. This might be a face, it might be hands, it might be whatever, eyelashes, whatever you want to do. You basically start out by dividing the face in half. You pretty much know that that's where the eye line is going to be, and the eyes are separated by one eye between them. So you create almond shapes, and you imagine that there is another eyeball between them. See? Perfectly spaced. Another thing that you're going to add to a fashion croquis is ears, which depending upon the angle of the face, will depend on whether you need to draw two ears or one.

This one only needs one ear. You can go ahead and add pupils to the eyes, and nose. Lips you start out with just like a little mark, but then you can give it some more dimension at the bottom. You can then add a line down the center, and what this will help you with is it will help you when you're designing your clothes over the fashion croquis to have like your center line of where the clothing will lie. You can also add cross lines to it. What these do is these tell you how she's standing, what position she's standing in, and how you should have the clothing draping over her body. Other things you can do is you can add shoes. You can add like just the basic shape of a shoe, and I'm a big fan of the heel-less pump, so I'm just going to draw that.

Basically you can go in and hone the croquis, thin out the neck a bit. This is just like a quick draw, but I'm going to thin out her neck, because I feel like her neck is too thick. And then there's other little things you can do, like add eyebrows, but you want to go too crazy with that, because those are the type of things you need to personalize for who you're drawing for. And that's basically how you add detail to a fashion croquis.

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