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What Are Front & Back Fashion Croquis?

Learn about front and back fashion croquis from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


Something that's really important when doing fashion illustration are front and back croquis. You need a front view, you need a back view.

So basically, you have your front view here, where you can render all of your details, run your clothes over it, the whole nine yards. Your back view, you want them to be kind of turned about three=quarter of the way. It allows you to just show all of the details on the back of the dress, gown, pants, whatever the heck you're doing, and also allows you to do like a train, what have you.

It's nice to do it with a three-quarter turn if you're going to do a back croquis as well as a front croquis. And that's basically why you do need front and back croquis, when doing fashion alterations.

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