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How to Color a Fashion Sketch

Learn about coloring fashion sketches from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


Something that is very important as well in fashion design is coloring your fashion sketches. After you've inked in the whole situation, you can take color pencils, pastels, wash, watercolor, whatever you want. I'm going to do this one with some pastels, because they're really nice to shade. So you just start out on the outside, you pick your color blocking, which this dress has a lot of color blocking in it. With pastels less is more because they spread around the page really well. And this might or might not be the final color that I decide to do this dress in, but it's mainly used to create color blocking, so that you could see what the final design is going to be.

I'm going to go heavy on the shoulders to show shadow, in here and here, and here I'm going to hit this with some more red. I want to go with a paler shade of red here. It's a very volcanic dress so far. And we're going to go with, you know, we're going to go with red sleeves since they're in line, should be nice, actually is more of a burgundy or a wine color, excellent. So now you take your handy dandy smudging device, and work the color in. And by creating those lines on the outside, you automatically create shading, because now you're just drawing the color into the panels or design lines of the dress. One thing to keep in mind with pastels is after you get done finished working with one color, if it's not in the same family, you have to use a different side of your smudge stick, otherwise you're going to turn your whole dress the same color, which you don't want.

Then you'll have to redraw the whole thing, and that's a pain. So I have these oranges in here, I'm using just the side of my smudge stick. Make sure you blow on it every once in a while, because that pastel is just basically powder compressed into a stick. And I think I want to darken these a bit, because these are going to be a different color. It really, I just love pastels, it's because it's instant gratification, it's like, damn, it's colored. And if the pastel happens to go outside the line, it's no big deal, you can just take an eraser to it later. I'll go in and do the skin toning later, but that is one way using pastels to color in a fashion sketch.

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