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How to Finish a Fashion Sketch

Learn about finishing fashion sketches from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


And now we're to the point of finishing your fashion sketches. So now we want to think about what color skin she's going to have, tweaking her hair, doing outlines, shoes . . . etc. So I'm going to start with doing all of my inking in, it's just how we just sharpen our lines so that you can see the design lines of the garment. Don't go too hard on there, you don't want to look like a cartoon, even though it is kind of cartoony, you know, it's just my style. You just want to make sure every little single detail is obvious and make sense on the body. I'll give her some shoes now, nice and, serious stiletto pump, the middle heel, I love it. I'm just going to kind of let her have short, slicked hair, give her some ears, now I want to color in her skin. I'm going to think about like, what is her skin tone.

It's all the same technique with shading, where you just kind of go light through the middle, and just shade all around the details. You want to give her some chic phones, and give her a little cleavage, so it'll boost the A dress. On the legs, you want to go really hard on the outside with the color pencil. Anything that's in shadow, and since this leg is behind her, we want to just kind of fill this leg in much darker. Okay, now we can just go lighter with this pencil over it. I'm using a very soft lead pencil on this, so that I don't have to smudge it, because skin tone is tricky, because you could end up smudging all kinds of things all over this base or the body that you just got finished coloring. And one thing that is very important, when you're done with the entire situation, is considering that I used some pastels on this, I used some color pencils . . . etc., etc., I don't want it to bleed.

Now we just want to go around the edges, and we just want to clean it up some, and now, one of the very final steps I've been using pastels, colored pencils, and everything else, if I was just to put this sketch away right now, it would smudge all over the place. So one thing you have to do is spray on a fixative, and that's just the simple process, you just, like, take your sketch, and just give it one little sweep over. If you don't have fixative, or you don't have the cash, and you have some hairspray laying around, it does the same thing, so basically it's like hairspray that is just gonna taut your sketch to keep it from smudging all over the place.

And that, my friends, is finishing a fashion sketch.

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