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How to Get into the Fashion Design Business

Learn how to get into the fashion design business from fashion designer Garo Sparo in this Howcast video.


Getting into the fashion business, pretty much just dive in. One of the
most important things to do first is to learn how to sew. If you don't
know how to sew you don't know what goes into making and designing a
garment and you can save yourself a lot of trouble. Just start sketching,
just start exploring like inspiration, see what inspires you, hone in on
what part of the business you want to be a part of. Find your specialty;
find what makes you tick, what makes you happy, what brings you joy. You
don't want to make it feel like work, you want to make it feel like joy and
I'm lucky enough to have that. I've carved out my niche and I get to do
all kinds of things.

From couture to bridal to costuming to everything
and basically it's just setting your eye on the prize and going for it and
that's pretty much all the tricks to the trade. You really have to just
believe in yourself, never ever let anybody knock you down, if you get
knocked down stand right back up because if you don't, somebody's going to
jump right up in front of you. That's just a little tidbit about getting
into the fashion industry.

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