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How to Draw Fashion Sketches with Garo Sparo

Learn about fashion designer Garo Sparo, one of Howcast's fashion sketching experts, in this video.


I started designing clothes when I was five years old. I did my first dress on somebody's body when I was around eleven. I apprenticed with a costume designer when I was the same age until I was about seventeen. I've had ins and outs. I started my own business when I was nineteen, and I'm almost approaching the twenty year mark which I hate to admit. But I'm darn proud of it. I've blazed my own trail. I get to do whatever I want. I do anything from bridal, to costuming, to couture, to anything that interests us here at the studio we get the pleasure to do. It makes life so much fun.

One thing that I definitely specialize in, and incorporate in to most of my garments is corsetry. That's just a wonderful way to make my clients feel really embraced by my fashion, and manipulate their silhouette. It's just a wonderful tool to use, whether it's worn as outer wear, or whether it's hidden beneath the gown. It's a great thing, and I will never stop using it.

If you want to see more, or know more about me check me out at Now I'm going to show you how to illustrate some fashion.

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