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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 Walkthrough Part 7: A Problem of Security

Check out Part 8 of this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 walkthrough and beat "A Problem of Security" with this online demo.


Harry: Neville?

Neville: I knew you'd come.

Harry: The Room of Requirement.

Neville: This is the only way in or out now. The grounds are crawling with Death Eaters and Dementors.

Hermione: How bad is it, Neville, with Snape as headmaster?

Neville: Hardly ever see him. It's the Carrows you have to watch out for. They're in charge of discipline.

Get the word out to the others that Harry is back.

All right then, what's the plan, Harry?

Harry: There's something here to do with Ravenclaw hidden in the castle. It could help us defeat You-Know-Who. Any ideas?

Girl 1: Rowena Ravenclaw's lost Diadem, it's a type of crown. It's been lost for centuries.

Girl 2: Harry, Snape knows you are in Hogsmeade. He's gathering everyone in the Great Hall now.

Snape: It has come to my attention that Harry Potter was sighted at Hogsmeade. We have employed defensive strategies to ensure that Harry Potter will never again step foot in Hogwarts.

Harry: It would seem that you have a security problem, and I'm afraid it's rather extensive, Headmaster. How dare you stand where Dumbledore stood. Tell them how you looked him in the eye and killed him. Tell them!

Amycus: Think you're brave, coming here, do you?

Alecto: Stupid is more like it.

I think we should take points off Griffindor. What do you think, Amycus?

Amycus: Thirty points ought to do it.

Alecto: Stupefy!

Amycus: Alecto, talk to the boy.

Alecto: He needs to be punished!

Amycus: Do you think you can run away?

Harry: I won't run from you!

Amycus: You've got to hide, boy.

Alecto: What are you doing, Potter?

Amycus: Come out, Potter, and be punished.

Alecto: What are you doing?

We're in charge now, Potter.

Amycus: I could see you, Potter.

What have you done to her, Potter?

Get over here, now!

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