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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 Walkthrough Part 12: A Job to Do

Check out Part 13 of this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 walkthrough and beat "A Job to Do" with this online demo.


Seamus: Stupefy!

Neville: Get out of our school!

Petrificus Totalus!

Don't let them run.

Death Eater 1: Stupefy!

Death Eater 2: No!

Neville: Now that the barrier is broken, it's going to get worse.


Seamus: I'm okay. I'm okay. You?

Neville: Yeah, just about. That was close.

Death Eater 3: Stupefy!

Death Eater 4: Stupefy!

Neville: They're hiding, Seamus. I can see them from up here.

Death Eater 5: Stupefy!

Neville: [inaudible 00:02:30]

Death Eater 6: Stupefy!

Neville: That took care of them.

You all right down there, Seamus?

Seamus: Yeah, I'm fine, Neville. It's gone a bit quiet, hasn't it?

Neville: They're up to something.

Seamus: There we are. We're getting there.

Neville: Yeah, mate, good job. Keep it up.

Seamus: All right then.

Neville: They're behind you.

Ginny: Stupefy!

Neville: Petrificus Totalus!

Death Eater 7: Stupefy!

Death Eater 8: Forget it, boy!

Death Eater 9: Stupefy!

Death Eater 10: Stupefy!

Neville: Look out!

Seamus: Blimey, you all right?

Neville: I'm fine.

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