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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 Walkthrough Part 13: A Job to Do

Check out Part 14 of this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 walkthrough and beat "A Job to Do" with this online demo.


Seamus: That's almost it. Not long to go now.

Neville: We're so close. You're doing great, Seamus.

Look out, Seamus! They're attacking from the higher ground.

Seamus: Ah, I knew it was too quiet.

Neville: Petrificus Totalus!

Death Eater 1: Stupefy!

Seamus: All done, Neville.

Neville: Good job, Seamus. I knew you could do it.

Seamus: Ah, it was fine. No problem.

Neville: You better run back. I'll hold them off.

Seamus: I'm on my way.

Death Eater 2: Stupefy!

Death Eater 3: Petrificus Totalus!

Seamus: Blimey, I think they know we're about to go on a bridge. I can't get past them.

Hermione: Can you get them, Neville?

Neville: I'm on it.

Death Eater 4: Petrificus Totalus!

Death Eater 5: Petrificus Totalus!

Death Eater 6: Petrificus Totalus!

Death Eater 7: Petrificus Totalus!

Seamus: Brilliant. That sorted them out.

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