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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 Walkthrough Part 15: A Job to Do

Check out this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 walkthrough and beat "A Job to Do" with this online demo.


Seamus: We're so close. We're trapped again.

Neville: Don't worry, Seamus, I'll get them!

Death Eater 1: There is nowhere to hide.

Seamus: A little help, Neville!

Death Eater 2: There's nowhere to hide now.

Death Eater 3: We're coming.

Death Eater 4: Get him!

Death Eater 5: Surrender!

The bridge will stand.

Death Eater 6: I've got one over here!

Death Eater 7: There is no hope for you!

Death Eater 8: Lay down your wand!

Death Eater 9: Over here!

Come let us deal with them!

Death Eater 10: Aren't you a nice little one?

Death Eater 11: Stupefy!

Seamus: [inaudible 00:03:40]

Thanks, Neville!

Death Eater 12: Come on, stop the little beggars!

Ginny: Look out, Neville! They're coming onto the bridge!

Death Eater 13: Stupefy!

Death Eater 14: Stupefy!

Death Eater 15: Totalus! Stupefy!

Death Eater 16: You will not hold us back!

Ginny: Well done, Neville. That'll keep them on the other side.

Neville: Way to go, Seamus!

Ginny: Well done, everyone!

Why hasn't the bridge blown up?

Seamus: Neville, I didn't get to set the last charge. Without it, the bridge won't blow.

Neville: Leave it to me!


Seamus: That's it, Neville!

Ginny: That's it!

Seamus: Neville!

Ginny: That's it, Neville!

Seamus: Run!

Ginny: Run!

Seamus: Come on, Neville!

Ginny: Come on! No!

Seamus: No!

Ginny: Neville!

Neville: Well done, Seamus!

Seamus: I told you I'd bring her down

What was that?

Ginny: The viaduct is under attack!

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