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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 Walkthrough Part 19: Battle of Hogwarts

Check out Part 20 of this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 walkthrough and beat "Battle of Hogwarts" with this online demo.


Hermione: To get Nagini, we're going to have to go to Voldemort. He knows we have no choice.

Ron: They're attacking the whole school, Harry.

Hermione: It's not safe here! We'd better push on.

Harry, we can get to the boathouse this way.

Ron: Yeah, that door leads downwards.

Blimey,that sounds close. A few more steps and we'd have been under that.

Death Eaters! They've finally gotten into the school.

Hermione: We don't have time for this. We have to get to the boathouse.

Death Eater 1: There he is!

Here, Potter.

Ron: Where are you going?

Harry: Is there more of them?

Ron: [inaudible 00:01:22].

Death Eater 2: Where are you going, Potter?

Death Eater 3: Come, let us deal with them.

Harry: Stupefy!

Don't take your eyes off of them.

Death Eater 4: Stupefy!

Death Eater 5: Petrificus Totalus!

Hermione: Leave now!

Death Eater 6: Behind the stones.

Harry: Easy!

Death Eater 7: Anyone who challenges us is an . . .

Death Eater 8: Nice of you to show yourself, Potter.

Harry: Get lost!

Ron: Get down!

Death Eater 8: In here!

Death Eater 9: There they are!

Death Eater 10: The Dark Lord wants Potter alive.

The Dark Lord . . .

Death Eater 11: Just you stay there. It'll save us running around all over the place.

Don't make a foolish mistake.

Death Eater 12: Just get that boy!


Ron: That door is blocked.

Hermione: Maybe we can down from the battlements.

Harry: I guess it's that or get captured first. Just keep your heads down.

Hermione: Oh, no! The whole school is under attack!

Harry: It looks like the students and teachers are trying to buy us some time.

Ron: Over there, on the other side!

Death Eater 13: Harry Potter, [inaudible 00:04:17].

Death Eater 14: Right there! There's the boy!

Death Eater 13: The Dark Lord has to [inaudible 00:04:23]. Hand over Potter.

Death Eater 15: You must go down, boy!

Death Eater 16: Give us Harry Potter.

Ron: You won't take Hogwarts without a fight!

Death Eater 16: He's come back, Potter, and he'll finish the job.

Death Eater 17: Don't be foolish!

Hermione: Watch out!

Death Eater 18: We knew you'd have a way, Potter.

Death Eater 19: Stop them! Don't let them get away!

Hermione: Destroying Hogwarts will not get you what you want!


Death Eater 20: Stupefy!

Death Eater 21: You can give up.

Death Eater 22: We'll take over Hogwarts, in any way we want!

The Dark Lord [inaudible 00:05:48] for you.

Professor: There is no hope!

Hermione: That's it!

Professor: Get back to your classrooms!

Ron: You can't have Harry!

Death Eater 23: You can't stop us!

Harry: Expulso!

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