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What Is a Myoclonic Seizure?

Learn about generalized myoclonic seizures from Steve Wolf, MD and Patty McGoldrick, NP in this Howcast video.


Myoclonic Seizures are another type of generalized epilepsy where the whole brain again turns on all at once and they could be really short and sudden and in fact that lot of people don't even realize that they are having them. Right those who are they look like little jerks, just like that and they can occur in somebody of normal development though they can occur in children. I always find it amazing we have a teenager who presents after having her first generalized myoclonic seizure and when you are going through the history and you say well do you have any staring spells or zoning outs and those who say yeah and I said jerk or twitch in school and they go yeah it jerk and twitch all the time but I thought that was perfectly normal. Often it requires you will ask them first thing in the morning do you jerk and twitched like drop your toothbrush? Do you drop your cup of juice or cup of milk? They will say yeah yeah that happens all the time, I just thought I was clumsy. And those who have seizures these are little quick myoclonic jerks that will not affect concentration, will not affect people only barely notice it and they really are seizures. So it is important to ask these questions in patients who have epilepsy, any type of epilepsy and discuss it with your doctor if you are feeling some kind of shiver or jerk or twitch if they are happening early in the morning or while you are going through sleep, because repetitive jerks are myoclonic seizures and they are part of a type of epilepsy.

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