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What's an Epilepsy Center?

Learn about epilepsy centers from Steve Wolf, MD and Patty McGoldrick, NP in this Howcast video.


Dr. Wolf: Epilepsy centers are specialized places at different hospitals, where patients with epilepsy can come to get all their needs taken care of. So it involves not only a neurologist, a neurologist nurse practitioner, a neurosurgeon, a psychologist; basically to look at the whole patent.

Patty: So they can get all the help with all the subtle nuances and co-morbidities of epilepsy. There is an organization in the United States called The National Association of Epilepsy Centers. These epilepsy centers are certified because they provide all care, including neurosurgery, use of the ketogenic diet, and medications in one center.

Dr. Wolf: It's not just a place to get an EEG, it''s a place to get a video EEG, some of the other advanced testing we've mentioned before such as MRI, PET scans, blood workup. So it's, again, a comprehensive place to look at the whole patient to help guide that patient in trying to control the seizures as best as possible.

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