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What Are Seizure Medication Options?

Learn about seizure medication options from Steve Wolf, MD and Patty McGoldrick, NP in this Howcast video.


In this modern age, we're very blessed, because we have numerous medications that are available to us to treat Epilepsy. There are new medications all the time, some with less side effects than the older medications, but with just as much efficacy, which means ability to control the seizures. What's happened in the last 10-15 years, is that a whole bunch of new medications have been developed that are in many ways better than the ones we had 20 years ago, and 30 years ago. So what we're going to talk about is, how to decide on medications. What medications work for you, and what to watch for you in terms of side effects. What's important is discuss with your Neurologist what type of Epilepsy you have, because that helps to decide what type of medications might be best for you. And when you're discussing with your Neurologist, he or she will go over the side effects of the medication, and help to pick what is the best medication for you. So when you're choosing a medication, you need to choose the medication that works for the type of seizures, the one with the lowest risk of side effects, and the one that's most efficacious. And not to be scared to realize that sometimes the first medication you pick, might not be the right medication and you might have to try different medications until we get the seizures under control. But this you'll discuss with your Neurologist and come up with a game plan of what's best for you.

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