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What Is DIASTAT AcuDial & How Does It Treat Epilepsy?

Learn about the epilepsy medication DIASTAT AcuDial from Steve Wolf, MD and Patty McGoldrick, NP in this Howcast video.


One of the rescue medications for epilepsy is Diastat AcuDial, which is basically rectal Valium that can be used for a prolonged seizure or a cluster of seizures that can break the seizures. So if someone is having a seizure that's longer than five minutes you really want to stop it because prolonged seizures can cause damage. So we also use it for seizures that last a long time or we use it if a patient is having a few seizures in a short period of time. The parameters for its use are determined by the practitioner. So what's nice about this is a family can go out, do family activities, go on vacation and travel. And if their child or spouse or someone has a seizure you can quickly knock the seizure out and not necessarily have to go to the emergency room. Right, so it's empowering to the patients. They can live their lives without feeling like they may end up in the emergency room at any minute. Really doesn't have much in the way of respiratory suppression after the dose is given. People shy away from using it sometimes because they think it's going to depress respiration, but their are lots of studies that show that that doesn't happen. So Diastat is a safe rescue medication, given as a supository, knocks out the seizures, very few side effects, and really, again, makes a family feel safe and secure.

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