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What Is Vimpat & How Does It Treat Epilepsy?

Learn about the epilepsy medication Vimpat from Steve Wolf, MD and Patty McGoldrick, NP in this Howcast video.


Vimpat or Lacosamide is another one of the newer anti-epileptic medications indicated for controlling partial onset seizures, so seizures that start in one area and spread. It is FDA approved in adults over the age of eighteen. Its main side effects are sedation and some dizziness. But it works well. We've had very good efficacy with it. Comes in an iv formulation and also in oral, both liquid and pills. Its an interesting medication because its a slow sodium channel blocker. So works differently than some of the other sodium channel drugs like trilaptel and dylantin and tegretol; and can be used in combination with those medications to help again stabilize the neuron and create better seizure control. So its another medication that should be discussed with the person who's providing your care, watch for side effets and satutory start out slowing on the dosing ussually at fifty milligrams twice; and day and gradually increase it. Its shown to work best at doses of about two hundred milligrams twice a day. You can go up a little higher than that but there's not much efficay beyond that. So its another good medication to discuss with your doctor.

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