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What Is Zonegran & How Does It Treat Epilepsy?

Learn about the epilepsy medication Zonegran from Steve Wolf, MD and Patty McGoldrick, NP in this Howcast video.


Patty: Zonegran is another medication indicated for the treatment of epilepsy. It's been out for a number of years. It is generic. It has five different mechanisms of action so it covers a lot of bases. It comes in capsules that can be opened and sprinkled in food for kids who can't swallow pills yet. The only big side effects are really some minor cognitive issues and you can also get kidney stones from it, but it's rare.

Dr. Steve Wolf: So Zonegran, zonisamide, is not in your first top three of medications to pick, this is for the more the difficult to control patients with epilepsy, those that have had problems on some of the other medications. But again, as Patty said, a great medication to think of when other medications are failing. A good option and again, it's nice because it's generic so it's actually pretty reasonably priced.

Patty: So Zonegran for epilepsy control. Side effects are kidney stones, rarely, and some mild cognitive issues.

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