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Ms. Splosion Man Walkthrough: Level 1-1

Check out this walkthrough for Ms. Splosion Man by developers Twisted Pixel and beat "Level 1-1" with this online demo.


Male Narrator: Your move, unreal. Beard.

Orange Creature: Gimme gimme gimme, cake!

Scientist: Okay!

Sarah: Splosion! Here we go! Fire.

Female Narrator: Sploding with care is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Meet Sarah. Sarah brushes her teeth and does her homework on time. She's a good splodin' woman. That's Debbie. She's a stupid...

When Sarah explodes a barrel, she holds the control stick the entire time. But let's watch Debbie. She lets go of the stick when she hits the barrel. Wrong move.

Observe this gap. Sarah is frugal with her splodes, saving each until she absolutely needs it. Debbie twitches on her splode button, like a heroin junky. She should have spaced out here splodes. Now she has used them all up and is nothing but char. Nobody liked you, Debbie.

Sarah splodes off walls to quickly get where she's going. Debbie? Come on out, Debbie. Don't be scared, give it a try.

Debbie: Sad face.

Female Narrator: Sarah knows that she can splode three times before she needs to recharge. She can recharge by touching the ground, sliding on the wall or by sploding a barrel. Very nice, Sarah.

Sarah: All the single ladies! All the single ladies!

Female Narrator: Hold on, Debbie. Why don't you demonstrate how you can hold the right trigger to kill yourself if you ever get stuck. That's a good girl.

Here, we have a couple of zip lines. The straight ones, you need to splode off of. While the hook-ended ones will throw you all by themselves. Whoops-a-daisy. You forgot to splode. Go ahead and give it another try, Sarah. Everyone makes mistakes.

Sarah: Awesome.

Female Narrator: Perfect.

Sarah: I rule!

Female Narrator: You're turn, Debbie. You did it. But you know, Debbie, you should have kept your hands off my man.

Sarah: Bye. You had me at hello. Like a virgin, whoo! Get it, girl! Just dance! Okay! I'm a hustler! I'm a hustler, hustler, hustler. Why don't you come up and see me some time, big boy? Hello!

Robot: I'm your boyfriend now.

Sarah: No!

Robot: Not so fast.

Sarah: We'll talk about this later.

Robot: Consider that the divorce. Got you now.

Sarah: You're so right. Oh my gosh! I love you. Let's go shopping. Shoes? I could do shoes. Let's get more shoes. Hey sister. Bye! Got to go, bye.

Robot: Where you going lady? Stay right there. I'll find a way around.

Sarah: Where have all the cowboys gone? Let's get more shoes. Makeup, how about makeup.

Robot: Here's Johnny!

Sarah: Don't go chasing waterfalls! Dance party at my house. Adorbs!

Robot: Now where do you think you're going?

Sarah: So cute!

Robot: No, no, no!

Sarah: No, no, no, no!

Robot: Hold it right there, sister.

Sarah: Butterflies. Hey, girl. I can't believe. So mean. Stupid boy. Goodbye.

Robot: You can't get away from me.

Sarah: It's cocktail time. I'm the king of the world!

Robot: Ouch! Negative, negative, negative, boo yah, no escape! A single death blow! Here we go. That's hurt. Don't do that.

Sarah: Girl's night, yeah! All the single ladies.

Robot: My eye. Hope you enjoy this one, sweetie pie. Don't do that. That's my eyeball!

Sarah: The drama. No whammies. No Whammies. No Whammies. What the heck are you?

Robot: What the heck are you?

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