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Ms. Splosion Man Walkthrough: Level 2-2

Check out this walkthrough for Ms. Splosion Man by developers Twisted Pixel and beat "Level 2-2" with this online demo.


Ms. Splosion Man: Bye! Not another boy! Where have all the cowboys gone? I'm just a girl! I'm just a girl in the world! Gotta go, bye! Don't go chasing waterfalls! You had me at hello! Butterfly! Totes fun! I'm a hustler! I'm a, I'm a hustler! OMG! I'm a slave for you! Adorable bomb! As you wish.

Scientist: Why can't we be friends?

Ms. Splosion Man: Explode! Nothing to it! Explode, explode, explode! Explode! Gotta go, bye. Explode! Explode! It's cocktail time.

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