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How to Do the Standing Hamstring Stretch for a Leg Workout

Learn how to do the standing hamstring stretch from personal trainer Mindi Smith in this Howcast sexy legs workout video.


So we're starting off with a hamstring standing stretch and what we're going to do is we're going to take our heel onto the floor and make a 45 degree angle and we're going to lean forward. And, you're going to feel the stretch throughout the hamstring right in this area here. If you can, lean down, keep your back straight, your shoulders back, and if you can, you can reach for your foot, which will give an even deeper stretch. You want to hold it there for about 20 seconds and then switch legs.

Lean into it, keep your shoulders back. Your core is always tight while you're doing this. And, reach for your foot. Get an even deeper stretch. Normally you do the standing hamstring stretch for about 20 seconds on each leg. It's good to do prior to working out; prior to doing cardio. You want to make sure that your legs are really stretched out before you go running. Anything of that sort of exercise you want to make sure that your hamstrings, otherwise you may cramp up. You won't get a really good flexibility while you're training or you're doing exercising or what have you. So, you just want to hold it 20 seconds each leg and you can add calves, the front of your quads, any other combination with your glutes also. You can stretch those along with your hamstrings.

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