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How to Do the Lying Down Hamstring Stretch for a Leg Workout

Learn how to do the lying down hamstring stretch from personal trainer Mindi Smith in this Howcast sexy legs workout video.


Alright the next stretch you're doing is the lying down hamstring stretch. So you're going to get down on the floor and you're going to lay down on your back and you're going to lift one leg up. Just like this. The other leg you can either leave bent like this or you can straighten it. And you're going to take your hands right behind your knee and you're going to bring that leg in until you feel a good stretch in that hamstring. I guess what feels most comfortable is whether you leave your leg up or you can bring it down if you feel more of a stretch leaving it straight. You're going to hold this for about twenty seconds and then you're going to switch legs. You feel a good stretch right in this area right here. And this is another great stretch that you're going to do that's going to be combined with your calves, your quads, your glutes. It's all connected, so when you're running, doing cardio, any kind of leg workouts or what have you. You are going to make sure that you want this area completely stretched out before and after your workout so that you have no cramping. So when you bring your leg up, you're going to put your hand right behind the knee, just below it. Um, and then you're going to pull it in. You want to make sure your leg, you can either keep it bent if you feel more of a stretch that way or you can straighten it if you're a little bit more advanced. Um, sometimes you can just reach for your foot and then just bring your leg in more and keep that leg straight. But you have to work up to that, depends on how flexible you are. To start off, put your hands right here, keep your leg bent if you feel a good stretch there then leave it that way. Otherwise, the more you straighten your leg the more you're going to feel it. Alright, so that's how you do the lying down hamstring stretch.

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