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How to Do High Kicks for a Sexy Legs Workout

Learn how to do high kicks from personal trainer Mindi Smith in this Howcast sexy legs workout video.


A great, dynamic workout is the high kick. So, what you're going to do is you're going to just keep your leg straight and you're going to kick up high. So, kick. You want to make sure that when you kick, you're keeping your shoulders back, your core is tight, you're not bending forward along with the kick. So, kick, kick.

This is going to stretch the hamstring, the glute. It's basically warming up the muscles, getting the blood flowing, getting ready for the exercises that you're going to be doing next. If you want to, you can put your hand out forward, try to touch your hand. And, like I said, keep your core tight, your legs are straight, you're not leaning forward, and your back is straight. There you go.

So, when you're doing the walking high kicks, basically, you just kick toward your hand or kick forward as fast as you can. It's not a slow movement. It's basically to get the blood flowing and get the muscles warmed up. You're mimicking movements that you'll be doing in your workout to come after this. And so you just kick and kick. You don't want to go slow because you're not going to get it high. But you just want to kick as high as you can, stretching those muscles, and getting the blood flowing.

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