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How to Do the Walking Tree Pose for a Sexy Legs Workout

Learn how to do the walking tree pose from personal trainer Mindi Smith in this Howcast sexy legs workout video.


Another great dynamic stretch is the walking tree pose. If you're familiar with yoga, you'll know the tree pose as being something like this, where you pull the leg up just like this. So, we're going to do walking dynamics. So, as you walk, you're going to be pulling your leg up and alternating. Keep your shoulders back. Core tight. Grab by the ankle. And the other hand will grab at your foot. Just pull it up. You're going to feel the stretch all the way through here. And alternate. And, again. And, again. Keep your shoulders back. Core tight. It's a little bit easier as you walk. If you go slow, you have to really keep your balance. So, the faster you move as you walk, the easier it is to kinda keep your balance while pulling your leg up. But, it's a great, great stretch. I mean, it stretches from your ankle all the way to your glute. Pull that ankle all the way up. Shoulders are back. Core tight. Basically, you're getting the blood flowing. You muscles are getting warmed up for the exercises that come after this. Pull up and there you go. That's the walking tree pose.

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