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How to Do an On-the-Go Sexy Legs Workout

Learn how to do some on-the-go workouts from personal trainer Mindi Smith in this Howcast sexy legs workout video.


Some workouts that we can do while we're on the go, or we're out of town, or we just don't think that we're going to have time to actually go to the gym and get a work out in; there's certain little things that you can do to kind of get a workout in.

It's not a conventional workout, but you're getting a cardiovascular workout in, or what have you. For example, going to work and parking your car at the end of the parking lot instead of right next to the door. You can get a good walk in there. Taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator. I have a friend who, at work when they have breaks, they go up and down the stairs to get their workout in, because they work really long hours.

While you're at your desk, there are certain things that you can do in your office without anyone even seeing you there. You can do dips off the chair, you can do lunges around your office, push-ups.

There are certain things that you can do anywhere you are, that you can get something in and not just completely blow the whole workout just because you have something going on. There's always little things that you can think of here and there that you can get a little bit of a workout in or cardiovascular, so just taking the stairs or walking, or instead of taking the car, maybe walk to work or bike to work. Little things like that will add a workout in.

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