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How to Do a Sexy Legs Work Out with an Injured Knee

Learn how to work out with an injured knee from personal trainer Mindi Smith in this Howcast sexy legs workout video.


So some basic exercises that we can do, while we are working it out with an injured knee for example. Some of us think that it may set us back. But there is still some exercise that we can do and avoid from hurting our knee more and letting that heal in the process. I have a lot of clients, actually that I train who have injured knees and we focus around working still the lower body but we don't move the knee at all. For example we'll do an isolated lunge movement, where I work the upper body but I'm also in an isolated lunge. So you are in the position and you are holding it there. All your muscles are completely isolated so you are still working them holding that pose but you are not moving your knee, your injured knee to hurt that knee. Same thing with the squat. You could hold the squat and I said just hold there. And you can even do an upper body movement while you are holding that isolated lunge movement. There are certain exercises that we can do on the floor, that you know work the glutes and the hamstrings and this and that on the outside and the inside of the thighs; but don't necessarily hurt the knee. You know doesn't give full mobility of the knee, we don't push off it too much. And it's not full pressure of a standing up exercise that we may do. So there's a lot of things that you can do, isolated movements. And you know on the floor exercises that you can do to still work out your legs, keep them shapely and looking nice while you are going through an injury such as the knee.

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