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How to Do a Sexy Legs Work Out with an Injured Ankle

Learn about working out with an injured ankle from personal trainer Mindi Smith in this Howcast sexy legs workout video.


So when we have an injury, such as an our ankle is injured we have to take that seriously. But don't think just because you have an injured ankle that you can't keep working out and lifting weights and keep progressing with your workouts cause you still can. There's still plenty of exercises you can do to avoid affecting the ankle for example and keep moving forward and seeing progress. It's a very touchy area, so we have to be careful and it's also a case by case basis to see how injured your ankle is and how much pressure you can actually put on the ankle. Isolated movements such as isolated squat, isolated lunge may or may not work. It all depends on how your ankle is feeling. So we'd have to test it out on a case by case basis to see if it could handle that. If not, basically you would stick with exercises such as a leg extension machine where you're sitting down and you're extending your legs, but the bar you know is pressing against your shins and your ankle. You can still work your legs that way, same thing with a curl. You can do a hamstring curl, just flipped over. Doing a hamstring curl where it's on the back of your legs is not affecting your ankle. Um, there is certain floor exercises you can do also that work the inner outer thigh, your glutes that do not affect the ankle. So just because you have an injured ankle, yes it is a very sensitive area but there are still so many exercises you can do to keep moving forward and still let your ankle heal in the process.

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