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How to Create a Sexy Legs Workout Schedule

Learn how to create a workout schedule from personal trainer Mindi Smith in this Howcast sexy legs workout video.


A strategy of creating a good workout schedule, basically it all depends on your schedule as to, I mean a lot of us work full time and you know we're trying to fit a workout in here and there. "Oh, I don't have time and this and that", but you can always make time. Basically, you know, find the time. Either early in the morning, or after you get down with work in the evening. Find, you know, at least an hour. Even half an hour is better than nothing. But when it comes to, you know, what days you wanna do it then space it out and plan what body parts you wanna work. When it come to back and biceps, or chest and triceps or leg day, calf day, work it all out. Make sure you get your cardio in, you wanna give half an hour to forty five minutes to cardio with your weight training, and some days may be you don't have time for either one, get some some cardio in. Make sure that you get your cardio in, and other than that, circuit training is great. Plyometrics, that's all great for high intensity interval training, that just gets your heart up. Up and down, its gonna burn more calories, more fat and that's gonna keep you healthy. As for the amount of days that you should workout per week, I would say at least three days a week should plan working out. You know, get in at least thirty minutes of cardio. Some weight training if you are able to. But I would start with three days a week. And if you could build from there, four, five, even six if you are hardcore. But I will definitely allow one day of rest. At least one day, because your body needs the rest to recover. So go off you schedule. Always know that you can find the time to work out. There's never an excuse to not being able to work out. And whether it be morning or evening. Plan out your body parts straight down the schedule. And plan it all out, it'll help you keep you on track.

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