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8 Tips to Create Curves with a Sexy Legs Workout

Learn eight exercises to create curves from personal trainer Mindi Smith in this Howcast sexy legs workout video.


Some great exercises to help you create curves would be leg exercises, any kind of glute exercise. Basically, you want to work to firm up the glute area, the hamstrings. Weight training in general will build muscle and basically give you that fullness and that roundness that you want in your muscles, which would give you shape.

So when we're doing exercises and weight training, you want to avoid certain movements or exercise that are going to make us thin, or give us no shape, or make us too bulky. For example, running is great for cardio, but it will actually eat at the muscle if you don't do enough weight training.

So the more you run and the less you weight train, the thinner you're going to get; so you want to keep that shape, you want to keep the muscle. You don't want that to kind of burn through the muscle.

Or, if you're doing weight training and you're piling on the weight and you're doing low reps, you're going to end up being a little bit bulkier than you want to be, unless you really want to build size, then go at it. But if you just want to stay a little feminine, curvy and just have full, dense muscles, then stick to the moderate weight, higher reps, and it'll give you that shape that you're looking for.

So the more you workout, the more you weight train, the more your muscles firm up, and you'll start to see the roundness and the fullness that you're looking for. The less fat you have on your body, the thinner your waist will be, the more you'll see that hourglass figure that all of us women really want.

So the more we work on those problem areas and shape our glutes, and shape our legs, and work on our abs to give us that shape, the more that we're going to see the curves that we're looking for.

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