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How to Get Shapely Legs with a Sexy Legs Workout

Learn how to get shapely legs from personal trainer Mindi Smith in this Howcast sexy legs workout video.


Some tips of how to have shapely legs. I would definitely concentrate on every single area of the leg. You definitely want to work the calves to make the calves nice and shapely. You want to work the hamstrings and quads and the glutes all the way up basically. So I would do calf raises. I would leg extensions, hamstring curls, squats, lunges, hip bridges. All those exercises are great for having shapely legs. And definitely don't use too heavy of a weight, but use a moderate weight where you can do fifteen to twenty reps and you're going to feel a burn by the end of that set. Uh, that will make sure that you're keeping the muscle firm. You're building it enough to be full and dense, but its not going to be too bulky. And in the end of that workout, you're going to build a nice calf and a nice thigh leg area quad, and you're going to end up with great shapely legs.

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