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How to Avoid Shin Splints during a Sexy Legs Workout

Learn how to avoid shin splints while exercising from personal trainer Mindi Smith in this Howcast sexy legs workout video.


Have you experienced shin splints while exercising? It's a tough one. I've had that myself and it's funny because they may affect you, they may go away, or you may have them all your life; it just depends; each person is different. You may experience them doing cardio, for me it was while I was running. It could be due to your shoes, those shoes you are wearing; sometimes if you get better running shoes or shoes in general; put the inserts in your shoes; that may help also when it comes to working out or doing cardio. If you are doing a exercise, like you are running on the treadmill and you experience shin splints, take it outside; see if that maybe changes things up. Because for me when I ran on the treadmill I experienced shin splints and when I ran outside I didn't. So different variations may help the situation. If you're running and you experience shin splints, take a break from the running and try something different. Go to the elliptical or use the bike. Try some different cardio so your shins can relax from the splints and kind of recover and repair themselves. Before you work out you should definitely stretch the shin as much as possible so that it's not tight when you're trying to work out, and then afterward stretch again and then go home take a nice hot bath; Epsom salt is great. There's also a certain kind of tape I've seen people wear that you can put along the shins that will actually help the circulation. So if those things that I mentioned don't help then maybe you can look into something like that that may help circulate the blood in there and keep things flowing while you're exercising.

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