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How to Use Cocoa Butter

Learn about the best skin care uses for cocoa butter from organic beauty products expert Spirit Demerson in this Howcast natural beauty video.


Some of the best body butters for the skin are cocoa butter, um, which has that lovely chocolaty aroma to it. When we think of cocoa butter of course we think of as this age old remedy for preventing and removing stretch marks. In fact studies have shown that cocoa butter has virtually no effects stretch marks. It is very hydrating so it can ease the discomfort of stretching skin especially during pregnancy as the skin tends to get more dry that is being stretched. But it’s ineffective for preventing or removing stretch marks. It has that lovely chocolaty aroma. So it’s just nice and general to use as hydrating body butter. It is a little bit too rich to use um, on the skin of the face. But if you are using it for the prevention of stretch marks make sure you use something like a vitamin E, which has been shown to prevent and reduce existing stretch marks.

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