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How to Prevent Stretch Marks

Learn how to prevent stretch marks naturally from organic beauty products expert Spirit Demerson in this Howcast beauty video.


When you know you can't prevent the stretching of the skin you're probably wondering how to prevent stretch marks. Stretch marks can be prevented by using vitamin E while the skin is stretching for example during pregnancy. Vitamin E helps the skin cells regenerate at a better rate than they naturally would which means as the skin is stretching skin cells are reforming instead of just being torn. So with use of vitamin E from capsules or wheat germ oil or argan oil in the area that is going to be stretching or even shrinking if it's going to be from extreme weight loss, use it everyday, use it at least twice a day and you can possibly prevent stretch marks. You can find vitamin E capsules pure wheat germ oil and argan oil at your health food store or vitamin store.

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