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How to Use Jojoba Oil

Learn about the best skin care uses for jojoba oil from organic beauty products expert Spirit Demerson in this Howcast natural beauty video.


Jojoba oil is great for use on the skin and body, because it's molecularly almost identical to human sebum which is the actual natural oil of your skin. So jojoba being so much like our own sebum, penetrates the skin very well and absorbs very well. It has a natural silky texture to it, just like well-hydrated skin does, except it won't clog the pores like overly oily skin can. The amazing thing about jojoba is that when you use it on oily skin it actually tricks the skin into stopping the overproduction of oil. So it can actually balance oily skin and prevent breakouts. When you're shopping for jojoba seed oil you want to make sure that it is a 100% pure jojoba. When it's mixed with other oils you can't ensure that it's noncomedogenic and that it will have the same properties that you're looking for in jojoba oil. So when you're looking for jojoba in a natural food store or vitamin store make sure that it's 100% jojoba oil. When you're using jojoba as a body oil it can be very hydrating, but because it is so much like the skin's own sebum the hydration may not last if you have a tendency to have extremely dry skin. So use jojoba directly out of the shower when your skin already has some retained moisture and then use a protective or barrier cream over that, such as a Shea butter or a beeswax balm to lock in that moisture on top of the jojoba, which can absorb sometimes too quickly for extra dry skin.

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