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How to Use Almond Oil

Learn about the best skin care uses for almond oil from organic beauty products expert Spirit Demerson in this Howcast natural beauty video.


Almond oil is a great multipurpose oil because it can be used on the face, and the body and even the hair. It has a beautiful silky texture to it. It absorbs readily into the skin but not so readily that your skin is left dry a few hours later. It's also entirely non greasy so you can use it very liberally if you have especially dry skin. So, it's never gonna be sitting on top of your skin. Massage practitioners love it because of how anointing it is without absorbing too quickly and also without being greasy. It's great for so many uses because it does have such a lovely aroma and a lovely texture. You can use it as a everyday body oil. A everyday facial moisturizer. You can add essential oils to it and make your own blend. And you can find almond oil at your local health food store or natural food store.

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