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How to Use Coconut Oil

Learn about the best skin care uses for coconut oil from organic beauty products expert Spirit Demerson in this Howcast natural beauty video.


Coconut oil is sort of a wonder oil with a million uses. It's just as good at conditioning the hair as it is at softening the skin on the body, as it is at moisturizing dry spots, cuticles, and actually removing make-up. It's one of the best natural make-up removers you can use.

Coconut oil does have the unique ability that most other oils do not have to penetrate the hair shaft and prevent protein loss in the hair, so if you're using coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment, when you're shampooing the hair with coconut oil that's been applied to it beforehand, your hair will be less prone to breakage or moisture loss.

As a make-up remover, it has a little bit of a dry oil texture, so it doesn't feel like other oils, which can feel greasy as you're removing make-up. It really has the ability to slip make-up away, even if it's waterproof mascara, just when using it with a very soft facial cloth.

The best coconut oil to use for the skin is organic, raw coconut oil, which you can find at your natural health food store.

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