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How to Use Argan Oil

Learn about the best skin care uses for argan oil from organic beauty products expert Spirit Demerson in this Howcast natural beauty video.


Argan Oil has only come onto the market in recent years from Morocco. It is really an amazing multi-use product. It’s great for the skin and body and hair. And it’s actually uniquely great for every skin type. It works for oily skin in helping the skin reduce by breakouts caused by over-production of oil in the skin, and it works for dry skin by applying those fatty acids to re-balancing the lipid area in the skin. It’s anti-aging and antioxidant. It’s been proven to soften scar tissue and promote cellular regeneration, so it’s also great for mature skin. One of the reasons it’s so effective in reducing scars is it contains so much vitamin E naturally. In fact it contains 3 times much vitamin E as olive. With Argan Oil a very small amount goes a very long way and you never want to use too much, because that can cause a little bit of an irritation and sometimes small breakouts when you are using too much oil. Just a few drops is all you need to apply to the whole face and even just a few drops to apply to rough spots on the body. When you are looking for Argan Oil there are a lot of products now that are being sold as Argoa Oil, or may say that they are Moroccan Oil, or may say Argan Oil on the label. Make sure you look at the ingredients because a lot of them are a blend of inferior oils that can actually irritate or congest the skin. So always look for 100% pure Argan Oil.

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