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Clay Face Masks vs. Enzyme Masks

Learn what is the best natural face mask for you from organic beauty products expert Spirit Demerson in this Howcast beauty video.


A critical part of the natural skincare routine is using a facial mask at least once a week and at the most, twice a week. A facial mask is going to slough, and exfoliate, and extract any debris from the skin that your daily skincare routine is not able to get to. Natural face masks come in basically, two different types; clay and enzyme.

Clay masks can be used for all different skin types, but they do pull out and extract debris from the pores. If you do have extra dry skin, clay masks can sometimes be too drying because they also lift the oil out of the pores; so you'll definitely need to replenish that if you do use a clay mask.

Enzyme masks work by, instead of from pulling out the debris from the pores, sloughing away the surface of the skin with enzymes that basically digest the debris on the skin. Enzymes can come from pineapple, pomegranate or papaya.

Remember not to use face masks too often. Using a face mask once a week will definitely help to keep your pores clean and clear, and firm and toned; but using it more than twice a week can actually disrupt your skin's natural filtering and regenerating process, so you don't want to use them more than twice a week.

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