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How to Pick a Natural Moisturizer

Learn how to pick a natural moisturizer from organic beauty products expert Spirit Demerson in this Howcast beauty video.


When it comes to moisturizers, natural ingredients are far superior to their conventional counterparts. Conventional moisturizers are usually formulated to make the skin feel hydrated, feel silky, put a coating on the skin, but natural moisturizers actually do replenish moisture in the skin. If you have extra dry skin, you’re going to need a rich oil that penetrates the skin deeply, combine with a surface wax or butter or oil that helps lock in that moisture. One of the deepest penetrating oils that you can use for extra dry skin would be avocado oil and shea butter makes the perfect surface moisturizer, in combination with that for extra, extra dry skin. If your skin is oilier, you want to make sure you use an oil that’s noncomedogenic so it doesn’t clog pores and it doesn’t make your skin more shiny or more oily. The perfect oils for hydrating oily skin and bringing it to balance could be, jojoba oil, argan oil or even aloe vera gel which isn’t even an oil at all. If you’re looking for the perfect, everyday light-weight moisturizer for normal or combination skin, look for a moisturizer that contains, sesame seed oil, sweet almond oil and even argon oil. All natural moisturizers give your skin multiple benefits, in that, they actually replenish real moisture, versus, their conventional counterparts and supply nutrients to the skin as well.

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