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How to Pick a Natural Exfoliator

Learn how to pick a natural exfoliator from organic beauty products expert Spirit Demerson in this Howcast beauty video.


There are so many great natural ways to exfoliate the skin. The key is finding the right exfoliant for your skin type. They can range in grit, from coarse to fine; they can range in softness, and they also can be not just manual but also chemical exfoliants, which include fruit acids and enzymes. If you have sensitive skin, you wanna use a very fine, soft grit exfoliant even something as fine as dried cocoa powder mixed with a little bit of water and massaged into the skin is all the exfoliation you need, if you have very sensitive skin. Coarser exfoliants like sugars, coffee grinds, and salts do have sharp edges that cause micro-abrasions on the skin and for sensitive skin that can lead to redness and irritation. If your pores are impacted meaning you have blackheads or dirt that’s trapped in there and nothing seems to get it out, the best exfoliant might be something that’s resurfacing like a papaya enzyme or a fruit acid mask or peel.

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