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How to Buy Natural Skin Care Products

Learn the best way to buy and use natural skin care products from organic beauty products expert Spirit Demerson in this Howcast beauty video.


When you start using natural skincare you are gonna notice some differences in the texture, aroma, and performance of the products. What you want to keep in mind is that conventional products are formulated to immediately give you the sensation that you're looking for. Without necessarily being formulated to actually give you the effect that you're looking for or the result that you're looking for. With natural skincare cleansers for example, a lot of them are not foamy. A lot of them, like even gel cleansers or lotion cleansers, are not gonna give you that squeaky clean feeling that conventional cleansers would typically give your skin. Know that they're working. Know that they're actually over the long term better for your skin. And it's squeaky clean skin that you're used to means that your skin is to dry. And that can bring on premature aging and breakouts. Another thing to consider when you're starting our with natural skincare is to use all of your products within the same line or range. Unlike conventional products, which all basically contain uh, different variations of the same um, synthetic chemicals. Natural products are really developed in a course of a line. And when you mix your products between different lines you may be getting um, to much, or to little of something that was meant to work more in symbiosis. So as you're starting out with natural skincare you're gonna get the best results if you use the cleanser, or the toner, or the moisturizer, and the serum all from the same line.

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