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Pros & Cons of Organic Cosmetics

Learn about the pros and cons of organic cosmetics from natural beauty products expert Spirit Demerson in this Howcast beauty video.


When you first start using organic cosmetics you will notice some differences. The amazing thing about organic cosmetics is that being that they are all natural and plant based they are already great for your skin, they are like skin care and makeup in one. What you are going to notice is that pigments don't come in as broad a range of colors and they don't necessarily last as long as conventional cosmetics. The good news is that every time you have to reapply organic cosmetics you are giving the skin an extra boost of vitamins and nutrients. Another thing you'll notice is that because soft organic cosmetic are oil or wax based they can get a little bit shiner than silicone or synthetic based cosmetics. All you have to do is be prepare for that with some natural rice paper, blotting papers. The other amazing thing about organic cosmetic is that even though they don't come in as broad a range of colors, mineral pigments are reflective and they tend to reflect the natural color of your skin and they are multifaceted meaning that they look amazing on all skin tones because they aren't simply one solid pigment on the skin. So you may have fewer colors to choose from but all of them will look good on all skin tones.

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