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How to Pick a Natural Lip Balm

Learn how to pick a natural lip balm from organic beauty products expert Spirit Demerson in this Howcast beauty video.


There are so many amazing natural lip balms to choose from. And the best natural lip balms do contain either a beeswax or shea butter -- something that's rich enough that it sits on your lips and doesn't absorb too quickly and protects your lips from getting dried out later on. You do want to make sure that your natural lip balm doesn't contain too much essential oil. A lot of the balms do contain essential oil because it makes the lip balm smell better and more fun to use but essential oil can dry up the lips. If your lips are sunburned or chronically dry and peeling even the best lip balm are not going to be a solution. You want to use a treatment or treatment mask of aloe vera and/or honey or coconut oil and let that sit on a lips on around the mouth area for these 5 to 10 minutes and let that absorb which your are not going to get for using lip balm which is meant to actually sort of say on top of the lips.

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