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4 Digital Camera Zoom Tips

Learn some digital camera zoom tips from commercial photographer Dan Bracaglia in this digital photography lesson from Howcast.


This compact camera has something called digital zoom. Now what digital zoom physically is, it's not the zoom that's actually happening when I'm using this lever here, which is physically moving the elements in the lens.

Digital zoom literally just takes the sensor within the camera and zooms in on that sensor. So basically, yes, you're going to get closer to whatever it is you're photographing, but you're going to lose quality and you're going to lose resolution along the way.

For that reason I always recommend never using digital zoom, because if you really do want to go in and get closer, that's always something you can do after the fact in a program like Photoshop, that way you have a larger file with more data that you can crop in or crop out how you want. So if you're even thinking for a second about using digital zoom, don't do it.

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