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6 Digital SLR Photography Tips (DSLR)

Learn six digital SLR (DSLR) photography tips from commercial photographer Dan Bracaglia in this digital photography lesson from Howcast.


A DSLR is a pretty big investment for just about anybody. It is important to remember that when you're going out shooting with your DSLR is to be prepared for really anything.

So some tips for shooting with a digital single lens reflex camera include making sure you have plenty of memory cards, always having a bag to put it in, in case it starts raining. I always carry a plastic garbage bag if I am shooting outside. I can tape it around my lens and keep shooting in the rain, while keeping the camera dry.

Having a sturdy camera strap is good. You don't want the camera to fall off. You want to keep it clean, you want to keep it in a dry environment. Wipe it down after each use. Most digital SLRs have a function called "Dust Off" or something like that, and what that physically does is that it sends micro-pulses down the sensor to remove dust. That's something you can set on Cannons and Nikons to do when you turn your camera on or when you turn your camera off, and that is always a really good idea because it will keep your sensor clean.

It's always good, maybe once every two to three years to send your camera out to be professionally cleaned. The same goes for your lenses. Lenses exposed to moisture have a tendency to grow mold, which is a major problem, so if you do get your lens wet, it is highly recommended you send it out to be cleaned before it becomes a real problem.

You're going to take care of your gear. It's important, and if you do, it will last you a really long time, and you'll take all sorts of awesome pictures.

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